Saturday, March 29, 2008

Still - Real Time 7"

Here is a change of pace from the typical goth/punk stuff (already!). This is the Real Time 7" single by a little-known female-fronted band called Still. The music has a sort of pop flavor to it, but there are also strong undertones of minimalist synths, and the overall mood is rather dark. Two drummers are credited on this single, one for each song. The first, Teiyu Nakamura, was also involved with famous Japanese no wave band Jagatara and punk legends the Stalin. Nagatomo, the drummer for the B-side, I know nothing about. Ditto for the guitarist Sasaki. The core members of Still were keyboardist Mikako Yoneda and vocalist/bassist Toshie Santo. This single was released on Strawberry Records (no relation to either the UK or German labels of the same name) some time during the '80s (no date is given, but I presume this was their first release). Still also released a 12" EP, a flexi, and made an appearance on a compilation in 1987. The band was formed in 1982, and while I am not certain about the timeline afterwards, it seems a full time guitarist and bassist were added to the lineup later while Mikako would depart. OR, the alternative would be that Mikako joined later when the guitarist and bassist were leaving. I'm not sure of the order of events. I apologize for the crackles and pops, dear reader. My copy of this record seems stained and ratty (but the music is worth it).

Real Time 7" (P-2006, 198?)

1. Real Time
2. Sa-Ma-Yo-I

Real Time 7"

I shall post the rest of Still's output in the near future. I promise that my copy of Still's Pale Face EP is much cleaner!


deathopia said...

Thank you so much! Really nice sounding piece. I have been searching this kind of stuff for a while now. I am really looking forward for more. Thanks in advance. :)

Cibelle said...

Thank you very much for this upload. Just as Deathopia said I'm also looking forward for more stuff similar to Still.

Anonymous said...

Any word on new stuff from Still? I would love to hear the other record you have.

Anonymous said...

any chance of A reup on this! really interesting looking blog i only just discovered!

Anonymous said...

Yes, please re-up :)

Anonymous said...

I wonder what makes the music so dark to you?

-Zane of ontario honey