Saturday, March 29, 2008

Geil - Velnadet EP

Another band I know little about. This 12" was released on Hil Records in 1986. Judging by the fact they recorded this album at a studio in Shinjuku, they must have been a Tokyo band. In any case, the music is all over the place, marrying fast angular rhythms, thumping and heavy bass, and frantic scratchy yelps and... err, "singing." In places, it almost sounds as if a long forgotten member of the Virgin Prunes were singing for an earlier incarnation of Play Dead. Geil also released a 7" EP, which I shall post at a future date.

Geil were:
Vox: Alice
Bass: Swado
Drums: Akagami Aomakigami
Guitar: Shoichi Tomomori (Nazo)

Velnadet EP (HR-001, 1986)

1. Velnadet
2. History
3. Nostalgic St.
4. TV TV
5. Dance Dance Dance

Velnadet EP

PS: "Urtra Thanks"
Hahaha, oh Engrish.


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would u please fix these links?

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Anonymous said...

awesome, please, post more of this band

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I'm really into their song. Dance dance dance.

-Zane of ontario honey