Saturday, March 29, 2008

Gara - Manifest EP

Not much information is available about the band Gara. All I know is that they have often shared the stage with bands like Phaidia, Coma, and Zeitlich Vergelter at gigs and were active during the mid-80s. They recorded the Manifest EP in 1985, an 8" record released on Explosion Records. The label looks to be related to Vital Plant Records, a label that I believe was shared with Surrealistic Men. The music is pounding and energetic, relenting only for a moment of sparse and haunting atmosphere on the B-side.

Gara were:
Vox: Hayato
Guitar: Kazz
Bass: Yukino
Drums: Aki

Manifest EP (EXP-VPL121, 1985)

1. Karyatide
2. De-Z
3. La Arrière-Monde
4. The Lady In Gray

Manifest EP

The A-side has been preserved as a single track.


Branko said...

This is ridiculously good! Thank you!

nattliga_toner said...

Yet another amazing post of an amazingly rare and obscure record! The music's absolutely top notch, very intense stuff. Never thought I'd get to hear this in a million years, so I'm utterly grateful for your effort Squiggles.

If I'm not mistaken, bassist Yukino actually later went on to play with Surrealistic Men. He also played with EX-ANS and dip-ash for a while (both great bands). Nowadays he performs with AUTO-MOD and ROMEO MIRROR (with ZIN from MADAME EDWARDA).

Haven't got a clue what happened to the other members though.

info said...


I really want some music from you (for example "Gara") but the links don't work anymore. Maybe I have some music from your wish list. It would be nice to hear from you.


doscaras said...

in this summer, vocalist and guitarist of Gara return to Japanese scene.

their new band is called "Far from the end"
bassist and drummer are ex "Surrealistic men" - "Sur" - "Auto-mod 1999"

their first gig is
at Shinjuku URGA Tokyo 8th August !

check it!

Ander! said...

Link removed!!!

Anonymous said...

The lady in grey is a amazing song.

-Zane of ontario honey