Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cold Dance - Medusa 7"

Here's an interesting slab of gothic music from 1985 by a British group called Cold Dance (I guess this is my first non-Japanese band post). The atmosphere here is almost suffocating and claustrophobic. The band released two 7" records between 1984 and 1985 on cult label Xcentric Noise Records (I really should be double-checking my facts before posting on this blog). Abbo of UK Decay appears in the liner note "Thank You" section, too (such a busy bee, he was). I don't know much else about the band, though. Anyone got any background info?

Cold Dance were:
Vox: Diane Dubois
Guitar: Tim Arundell
Bass & Synth: Stuart Hodgson
Drums: Kevin Hunter

Medusa 7" (XCENTRIC NOISE - ELEVENTH 1, 1985)

1. Medusa
2. Petrified

Medusa 7"

I'll be posting the first 7" in the future.


Curious Guy said...

Is that the copy you snatched away before my eyes on eBay last year :D
Ritual wasn't on Xcentric Noise but other interesting bands are Quel Dommage and Punctured Tough Guy although I never heard the latter 'cos it's damn rare.

Have a great time in the blog world.

Squiggles said...

Could've been the very copy!

I must have had some wires crossed in my mind because somehow I thought the 'No Glamour In Industry' 7" was on Red Flame Records, but I don't know where I got that idea. I should cross-check my facts with KFTH more often.

Highlander said...

Thanks for this squiggles - I believe you may find the other record on eBay even as I type....

Squiggles said...

You're welcome, highlander! I think I shall let other people bid on that Cold Dance 7" on Ebay, though. I already have two copies in my possession (a future planned rip + upload, of course!).

illusion said...


by the way,i posted Days Of Sorrow - A Thousand Faces EP
Days Of Sorrow - Remembering The Days EP in my blog page!

Cibelle said...


Thank you.

John Hudson said...

My girlfriend of the last twelve years was the singer in Cold Dance. She is amazed and thrilled that people still care about the music she made in the '80s. She still has a few vinyl copies of Petrified/Medusa, and also of the band's first EP, 'No Glamour in Industry', if anyone would like to have them. Email her at

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your interest, I'm genuinely thrilled that people are still interested. Let me know if you need any further info.

Thanks again...Kevin Hunter (

Anonymous said...

They had gothic music in the 80's?

-Zane of ontario honey