Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bardo Thödol - Feeble Voice EP

Bardo Thödol were an interesting new wave trio from Japan. They appeared on the legendary Japanese noise/new wave label Trans Records, run by the industrious and tragically deceased Kitamura Masashi of YBO2 fame (as well as publisher of Japanese rock mag Fool's Mate). Bardo Thödol released a 7" EP and a 12" EP during the late 80s, and they also made several appearances on Trans compilations. Their sound is somewhat minimalist, and there are even slight hints of Medusa-era Clan Of Xymox flavor in the A-side of the Feeble Voice EP. A moody synth classic. Vocalist Yuki would later move on to her own solo project in the early 90s called False Love, though I haven't heard any of that music yet.

Bardo Thödol were:
Vox & Keys: Yuki
Bass & Keys: Yaso
Guitar: Shogo

Feeble Voice EP (TRANS-27, 1988)

1. Promise
2. Silver Stug
3. Feeble Voice

Feeble Voice EP

I will upload the 12" EP at a future time.


Anonymous said...

great tracks, many thanks!

nattliga_toner said...

An amazing release indeed, beautiful music. Thank you very much for sharing this!

It seems that vocalist/keyboardist Yuki later formed a band called "FALSE LOVE" ...does anybody know anything about them?

Anonymous said...

im very keen to hear this (and any more wave from this era in japan) but alas the file is no longer avalible on zshare, any chance of a reup!
thank you rus

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I love this era of music in Japan. I'm with anonymous from june 9, any chance of a reup?

Anonymous said...

Please please please re up if possible :'((((((((

Ariel Salvador said...

please!!!! re upload this album!

Kris H said...

Just found this band on YouTube. It seems most their sings are on there. The first band I found from Transrecords was ILL BONE, a bit edgier but also cool. Some of the Transrecords stuff has been being released the last few years. Thanks for writing this years ago, so I could find more info.