Saturday, March 29, 2008

RAP - Hysteria EP

I should start with a bang, shouldn't I?

Here is a personal favorite of mine from Japan, a band called RAP. They started as a four girl punk band in a similar vein as Kyah, playing fast-paced and catchy punk tunes (Kyah has been previously posted on Fight Against The Plutocrats). The original lineup consisted of Misa on drums, Nishiki on guitar, Kaori on bass, and big-voiced Rouge on vocals. After recording three 7" records on the Dogma label (legendary for putting out hardcore punk such as GISM, the Comes, Gastunk, etc.), Misa left the band and joined the aforementioned Kyah, and Kinta came aboard as the new drummer. This later lineup recorded the Hysteria EP, also on Dogma Records. Sometimes accused of being a "fashion" band, I believe the music really speaks for itself what the band was all about. The record strikes a good balance between the gloomy atmosphere of goth and the raw energy of punk with the sole exception of one inexplicably poppy song on the B-side.

Hysteria EP (DOG-18, 1987)

1. Reincarnation ~ Rinne
2. Landscape
3. Hysteria
4. Maternity Blue
6. Rinne ~ Reincarnation

Hysteria EP

The B-side songs "Maternity Blue" and "MASUI" have been preserved together as a single track. I shall post the earlier 7"s and more band information at a future time.


Fritz die Spinne said...

Hey, glad I'll get to hear some of this at last.

On your want list, you just need vinyl? I have the Leningrad Sandwich and Days of Sorrow ripped to MP3 if that is sufficient.


Squiggles said...

Vinyl, of course! I think I already have a bunch of the NDW stuff in mp3 format. Just need to satiate that little compulsive collector in me with an ever-expanding record collection. I'm sure you know the feeling. :)

Fritz die Spinne said...

Actually, I do...but at the same time MP3's have given my collection a boost, hearing-wise, while keeping the record shelves from being packed too tight.

Not to mention fatherhood and the responsibilities of middle age curtail my record collecting habits of 25 years ago!

Cibelle said...

RAP is amazing! Especially with this Gille' Loves / Siouxsie guitar during the intro. Thank you very much for sharing!

[+ I hope your GREAT blog will be updated soon with more RAP sounds]

Roberto said...
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Anonymous said...

I agree Rap is amazing and I gotta say Japaneses music is always awesome.

-Zane of ontario honey