Sunday, April 6, 2008

Satin Doll - Go Around & Around 7"

Satin Doll were another one of those obscure bands from the '80s that probably only self-released a small pressing of a two-song 7". I know next to nothing about the band or the members involved. Information on the internet has not been very forthcoming. The record appears to be self-released due to the label name (Satin Doll Syndicate, or S.D.S. Records).

The music here is very guitar-driven new wave from Japan, reminding me in spots of a somewhat heavier Sad Lovers & Giants despite the rather weak vocals (perhaps a female singer would have been better, especially given the band's name?). If anyone can provide any background information about the band or the label, then it would be very much appreciated. Something tells me the hits in Google for the guitarist's and drummer's names are not the actual bandmembers.

Satin Doll were:
Vox & Guitar: Tetsu Ohya
Guitar: Masato Kikuchi
Bass, YAMAHA DX-7: Yasuyuki Nakagima
Drums: Hiroyuki Shimizu

Go Around & Around 7" (No-sds-001, 1985)

1. Merry-Go-Round
2. La Chanson Des Vieux Amants

Go Around & Around 7"


Anonymous said...

excellent tracks, many thanks!

kaue villalva. said...

hey man! i saw your blog and i loved it! can i add you in my blog? see you!

belltonesuicide said...

I just stumbled upon this blog the other day, and I'm finally getting round to checking out the tracks.

Great Great stuff. Thank you!

rickdog said...

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Anonymous said...

i have the 7" of X mal D. that is in your wantlist.... write to me to:

echoedruins said...

Hey I'm just curious. Would you happen to have the track names information for Phaidia's Dancing Death EP? I have 4 tracks but no tags.

Great blog! :)

Anonymous said...

heh zshare don't work for me:/,but anyway thanks

captain badheart said...

probably never check this but are you ever gunna re-upload any of this stuff? i just found your site wanna hear it all and zshare dosent let me hear anything

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